Bariatric Pre-Surgical Evaluations

Bariatric Evaluation Psychologist The decision to have weight loss surgery is often fraught with many questions and concerns by patients and their family members. The clinicians at North Shore Psychology are expert bariatric therapists who have over fifteen years of experience working with patients who are seeking assistance with weight management and are considering gastric bypass or gastric sleeve surgery. We are skilled at helping to navigate the pre and post-surgery process and have helped many patients change their lifestyle. To ease concerns, we offer a free consultation describing the services that we provide and offer both in person and virtual/online appointments. We can be reached at (516) 376-0950. All inquiries will be returned promptly.

» Frequently Asked Bariatric Psychological Evaluation Questions?

Why do I need to have a pre-surgical psychological evaluation?

Psychological evaluations are often required by surgeons and insurance companies. An evaluation conducted by a licensed and trained professional can also help a patient identify obstacles that may have interfered with successful weight loss in the past and assist in developing a realistic and positive plan.

How much does an evaluation cost?

North Shore Psychology accepts most major insurance plans and will process all the paperwork required for approval. Most patients will only be responsible for a small co-payment. We are also willing to work with our patients and insurance companies to access out of network benefitsas we do not expect our patients to navigate this process alone. Insurance approval can be a time-consuming process, therefore, working with clinicians who are experienced in this process will ensure that you maximize your benefits and reduce your cost. For individuals who do not have insurance that covers psychological evaluations we offer a very reasonable fee schedule for our services.

How long will an evaluation take and what does it typically entail?

Evaluations start with a clinical interview with a licensed psychologist, which typically take no longer than forty-five minutes. Patients will also be sent a short assessment through a secured provider. This assessment takes about twenty-minutes to complete and is one of the aspects of our evaluation that separates us from other clinicians. Our patients often report that the information gathered during our interview and through our assessment tools provide invaluable knowledge that they refer to throughout their weight loss journey. A written report is provided to your surgeon and to the patient for reference. A follow up informing conference is also scheduled with patients typically within twenty-four hours. Some patients decide to continue to work with our clinicians following surgery. This is not required by surgeons or insurance companieshowever, it can be beneficial.

Do I need to see a bariatric psychologist near me?

No, you do not. We routinely conduct bariatric psychological evaluations online for patients. When choosing a psychologist for bariatric approval, education and experience are important factors.

My surgery date is approaching and I need the evaluation right away.Is this possible?

Absolutely! Our turnaround time can be as short as twenty-four hours.

Will I pass my evaluation?

This is not a pass/fail assessment. The goal of a pre-surgical evaluation is to be helpful and informative. Clinicians at NorthShore Psychology utilize their decades of experience working with individuals with weight management as well as mental health concerns such as anxiety, depression, eating disorders, bipolar disorder and PTSD. If a mental health concern is an obstacle to successful weight loss we can help address those issues so patients can move forward with the bariatric surgery process.