Psychological Evaluations for Immigration Court

Immigration Evaluation Psychologist The United States allows for waivers when applying for a change in immigration status. The process can be complex and a negative decision by the courts can have catastrophic results for the petitioner as well as the petitioner’s family. The clinicians at North Shore Psychology understand the gravity of an immigration application and are skilled at assessing our clients and navigating the challenges that this type of evaluation presents. Our clinicians are experienced in conducting all types of immigration evaluations, including extreme hardship waivers, waivers for asylum, VAWA, U and T visas and naturalization waivers. Often times, we discover that the clients that we work with do not fully appreciate that they qualify for one of these exemptions. Therefore, we offer a free consultation during which a licensed psychologist will conduct a brief interview designed to asses if moving forward with an evaluation is appropriate. We will only conduct an evaluation if the clinician believes that grounds for a successful appeal are present.

Evaluations consist of an extensive clinical interview followed by the administration of norm-referenced assessments that are empirically validated. The combination of a clinical interview by a skilled and experienced clinician and the use of psychological assessments are the gold standard in the field provide clients with the best opportunity for a successful appeal. Experience has taught us that courts respond most favorably to cases that are supported by data. The assessments that we use provide this crucial information and help to build a strong case for an exemption. At times, interviews with family members may also be conducted in order to highlight the severity of the hardshipthat a deportation will incur upon a family. Clinicians at North Shore Psychology also work closely with attorneys that represent our clients ensuring that our reports include all pertinent information. Evaluations can be conducted in person, virtually or utilizing tele-health.

Unfortunately, insurance companies do not cover evaluations for court related matters. The staff at North Shore Psychology will set a fee based upon the number of individuals that need to be interviewed and the amount and type of assessments that will be used. The cost of an evaluation includes all aspects of the assessment including a written report. The only additional cost would be if the clinician is required to testify in court (this is an extremely rare occurrence). For a free consultation call (516) 376–0950.